Video Guide


All our services are output at 1080p 30fps HD quality (1920×1080) resolution. It is highly recommended you record at this resolution to also help keep your file sizes down when uploading. We can however convert any file size or type so do not worry if you cannot do this.


We strongly request the following shooting guidelines are used to keep a consistent standard and feel to our services.


Please also note the upload instructions at the end of this guide which is designed to make it easy for you to send your videos from any phone, tablet or laptop!!


For any help or guidance please email or phone him on 07501 433430

Our Standards for Quality Camera Recording.

Always Record in Landscape!!

Framing – Be sure your head, shoulders, and elbows are in the picture frame. You should allow a little space above your head, below your elbows and on the sides.  This also ensures that your hands aren’t cut off at the edges of the frame if you wave them.

Lighting – Make sure you have adequate lighting.  In particular try to have more light in front of you than behind you. Otherwise, your face may be badly shadowed. Avoid sitting in front of windows. If you wear glasses, check the reflections in your glasses.

Clothing and appearance – Wear contrasting, solid and appropriate clothing. Keep hair away from your face.


Record in a quiet room. – Close windows. Silence and quieten appliances. Put phones on mute. Inform housemates or family to be absolutely silent and to keep away until you have finished.

Microphone. Use the best one you can. It does make a big difference. Ask for advice.

Speak or sing with enthusiasm. – Keep words clear and well-articulated. Pause rather than use fillers. Talk or sing to the camera as if were a real person. Relax and be conversational. ​

Camera – Use a tripod or raised solid stand. Place camera at eye level.
Work out exactly where camera hole is (on a phone it will be to the left or right of the screen) then always look directly at camera hole. Once your recording has started do not look at the phone or laptop screen. Assume the recording is working fine until you finish. If you do not continually keep looking directly at your camera hole it will look like you are ​looking over viewers’ shoulders which can be highly disconcerting and unnatural. 

Important. Once recording starts look directly at camera and wait 3 seconds before starting to speak. When finished wait 3 seconds with a smiling expression before leaning forward to stop the recording. The editor will trim your video and does not want to see your arm leaning forward before you start or finish speaking.

Practice. Practice. Practice.
You can have multiple goes. Record and watch yourself back. Adjust angles, lighting, voice. Repeat and adjust until you are totally happy. Only then upload your preferred version. Expect to do multiple takes! All the best actors do!

Uploading Your Video

Once you are happy with your final video version please upload it using the following link:-

This link will work from all devices, including phones, tablets and laptops without any need for additional apps or software.

Important Copyright and Usage Note

Please note by uploading your video you are accepting we can use your clip as we see fit for the sole purpose of our live church services (Birmingham and Leicester)

A recording of the service will exist after the live church event and will show on our platform website for 7 days.

After this it will be removed. No public or searchable recording of the service will exist after this date, although unlisted copies may exist to those who enquire. If you do not wish to be on any such available recording or have other concerns, please let us know.

We will always respect your wishes and requests at all times as far as we are reasonably able.

We really are incredibly grateful for your support and service!

For any help or guidance please email or phone him on 07501 433430