Nehemiah 8

Today we had Ricci Gambino from the Birmingham Church of Christ come and preach on Nehemiah 8. This is where Ezra read the Book of the Law to all the people as they gathered together, men and women, and they all wept and lifted their hands together in unison.

Sunday services aside where we gather to listen to a message each week, we look forward to that day once the covid pandemic has eased when we will all gather together once more, men, women, young and old to eat, sing, pray and fellowship. Its hard to believe that it’s been over 28 months since we have all gathered together! 

We pray once we can it will be like the glorious day of Nehemiah 8!!

Listen to Ricci’s passionate message below.

Medbourne 2019, our last photo together. The last time we met all together as a church (excluding our Sunday services) was back in March 2020. Such days will come again once the pandemic is over!

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